Welcome to the Greater Jersey Chamber

NewJerseyThe Greater Chamber of Jersey is a website dedicated to serve as a vigilant force in effectively directing, guiding and influencing issues that impact our members and the community. We support local business encourage business networking.

This site can be used as your go to resource for finding all things related to New Jersey and New Jersey’s Chamber of Commerce.  We cover politics, news, and other items related to the state.  Occasionally we will post other articles that we find could be useful to someone wishing to join a New Jersey Chamber of Commerce.

Check back on the site often as things can change quickly.

Here are some interesting facts about New Jersey:

  • New Jersey became a state on December 18,1787
  • New Jersey covers over 8,722 square miles
  • farming (potatoes, tomatoes, peaches), chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum-based products, insurance, tourism
  • New Jersey Population: 8.4 million residents

Check out our site for even more interesting facts about New Jersey.





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